Get To Know Me

Name: Jamaal Brown

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

College: Rochester Institute of Technology (2007-2013) and Northwestern University (2014-2015)

Degree: B.S./M.S. in Communication

Occupation: Writer/Editor

Hobbies: Reading, hanging out, playing basketball and bowling, and attending sporting events 

Most Interesting Things About Me: I am the first and youngest child in the family to graduate from colleges with bachelor's and master's degrees.





Throughout my academic years, I conducted communication and marketing research -- case studies, qualitative and quantitative -- on various topics, including sports and technology.

Rochester Institute of Technology

Introduction to Journalism

  • Communication and Technology: Sports Journalism and Social Media (Summer 2012)

Visual Communication

  • Use and Gratification and Rhetoric Analysis: Sports Photography of Athletes on Sports Illustrated (Spring 2012)

Internet Marketing

  • The Role of Internet Marketing in Sports Business (Spring 2013)

Senior Thesis in Communication

  • The Impact of Social Media Use on Sports Fans' Relationship with Professional Athletes: An Analysis of Parasocial Interaction (Spring 2013)

Northwestern University

Privacy and Communication

  • The Role of Communication Technologies: Analysis of Privacy Communication in Journalism (Summer 2015)

Law and Technology

  • An Analysis of Sports Betting Regulation (Fall 2014)